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If You’re Not Using Facebook Live, You Should Be

Thanks to the internet and short attention spans, communicating in real time has become critical to reaching your target audience. You have to get them to notice YOU above all the other noise, politics, and baby goat videos. It can be a study in frustration and... read more

How to Get Fined by the “International Summer Games”

Want to hear something crazy? From now until August 24th, you are going to have to be very careful about mentioning the Summer Games on social media – brain surgeon careful – or else you could get a big fat fine for violating the blackout regulations.... read more

Guide to Setting Up New Social Media Accounts

You’d think it would be a no-brainer setting up new social media accounts for your business. Email, password, short bio…Go! And it really should be that simple. However, emails change and passwords get forgotten. So here’s our easy guide to setting up new social... read more

Facebook’s New Ads – They’re Watching You

So this isn’t quite as creepy as it sounds. The new Facebook ad update allows businesses who run ads to attach a map with the location or locations of their brick and mortar stores. More than that, through the location service on smartphones, businesses can now track... read more

What Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Company?

Have you ever looked out over the sea of social media, seen people Facebooking and Twittering and Instagramming and YouTubing all over the place and thought, “How am I supposed to manage all of those?” Good news. You’re not supposed to manage all of those. The key is... read more

Instagram’s New Business Tools Are Coming!

Instagram is about to get a whole lot more profitable – especially for small businesses. In a few months the photo sharing giant will roll out new business tools that will increase visibility and reach. When they introduced ads, there was much rejoicing –... read more

Top 7 Ways to Interact with Your Facebook Followers

When building a following on Facebook, making connections with your followers not only lets them know you are engage but gives others a reason to follow you as well. It’s always a downer when you try to communicate with a company you like and get nothing in return. It... read more

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“In 6 months, SOCIALVENTION increased JBF Facebook Fan Page “likes” from 7,317 to 10,210. That’s a 29% increase and double anything they did in same time frame prior to hiring SOCIALVENTION. They also increased our social media “reach” from about 7,000 to approximately 13,000 in those 6 months— meaning more people are seeing and hearing about the JBF franchise brand.”

Shannon Wilburn, CEO

“As the social media strategist for this national 8 city tour in 2011, we achieved a social media “reach” of 2.5 million. By the end of the 2012 20 city tour, that “reach” increased to about 5 million.”

Tory Johnson, CEO of S&H and
“Good Morning 
America” Contributor

”Not only do I use Cindy for my brand, but when we need to create social media buzz for one of my high profile celebrity LA events, I call SOCIALVENTION! Cindy has tweeted/ facebooked fundraisers for Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman as well as a Red Carpet event with Jeff Goldblum”

Marley Majcher, CEO

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